Looking for a Secure,User-Friendly Juvenile Case Management Solution? Let's Talk About JustInform!

JustInform is a secure, web-based case management software created for juvenile courts, juvenile detention centers, specialty courts, children services, family counseling centers, mental health agencies, social service organizations and youth centers. JustInform is perfect for any private or public organization / service in need of a concise, custom, and user-friendly case management solution.

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How JustInform Can Help

Streamline Your Work Load

A fully customizable interface allows authorized users to easily document interactions with the juveniles in their care. At your convenience, you can share images, upload pdfs, create notes, upload academic performance reports and more. Add Contributors (those involved in the child's care) to securely offer insight on the daily activities and observances to gain an expanded view of the child's environment.

Protect the Youth in Your Care

Prevent the retraumatization of the young people in your care by knowing their history. Having access to historical information about a child as well as current information provided by those immediately involved in their case allows decision makers to move forward with confidence and help improve the overall outcomes for the young people in their care.

Ease of Access

Authorized users can access or contribute information 24/7 on their PC or mobile device. Analyze data, update profiles and assess risks with ease anywhere you have an internet connection. Get alerts when Contributors have provided new information to a profile to immediately access new updates. Ensure you have correctly and fully documented events by having immediate access!

About Us

As the guardians of the youth in our communities, the Juvenile and Family Court Systems have a tremendous responsibility. JustInform was created at the request of a Juvenile Court Judge seeking to ensure better outcomes for the youth in his care. Due to the large number of individuals involved in these cases (GALs, teachers, doctors, social workers, etc.), the information sharing process is often inefficient and time consuming. Documentation can be challenging to collect and difficult to access, resulting in less than ideal outcomes for the children involved.

To solve this problem, JustInform was designed to provide decision makers with easy, secure access to a wealth of information in just a few clicks.

JustInform has a fully customizable interface that allows authorized users to share and access information anywhere they have an internet connection. Contributors (those involved in the child’s care) can conveniently and securely create notes, upload academic performance reports, share images, and more. Designated case managers can then access all the shared information in one convenient location, saving time and reducing the risk of missing or incomplete documentation.

Partner Pricing

  • 1-20 Users
  • $525/month
  • 20GB
  • 21-60
  • $1325/month
  • 60GB
  • 61-100
  • $2150/month
  • 100GB
  • 101+
  • starting at $2999/month
  • Unlimited Data

All subscription levels include unlimited email support and use of all digital training materials to share with staff and contributors. A personal JustInform representative will be provided to help guide the Administrative staff through set up and any custom needs that may be requested. JustInform is here to help provide the tools decision makers need to ensure the youth in their care have the best outcomes possible.

Custom options available: Schedule a demo today to discuss your specific needs.


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